Our Church/Our Worship

The form of worship that we use at Immanuel is known as “Liturgical Worship.” This means that we follow a basic pattern in our worship services.

We begin with a hymn of praise to God or one that helps set the theme for the service. Usually this is followed by the Confession and Absolution. We confess the many times we have failed to meet God’s standard of perfection and hear the comforting words that through the Son of God, Jesus Christ, our sins have all been forgiven.

The high point of the service follows as we hear the Word of God in the Psalm, lessons for the day and the sermon. Having heard God’s Word, we respond to His love for us in Christ with offerings of our love for Him.

On the second and third Sundays of the month, we celebrate the Lord’s Supper. Please see the insert on “Close Communion.”

The service ends with prayers and hymns of praise and the hearing of God’s blessing upon us.